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In a world where our most basic human rights are often ignored and the system doesn't respect us, a just future is only achievable if we come together and use our collective power to make change.

Stay woke on the issues... Take Action on Police Reform and Immigration Reform.

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Stay Woke.

Unarmed members of our communities are killed by police. No accountability. The system is failing.

Families searching for better lives are torn apart and face indefinite incarceration. No love. The system is failing.

Rise up with us.

Black Eyed Peas and Hip Hop Caucus, with Black Alliance for Just Immigration, #SchoolsNotPrisons, The Gathering for Justice and United We Dream have come together at the intersection of injustices against the poor and people of color in this country.

Join us. Sign the pledge on this page to receive information on how you can use your power and take immediate action to create a better system that works for everyone. Spread the word using #BEPgetit.