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06/07/10 @979





Black Eyed Peas new Song Someday (KNIGHT AND DAY Theme) for Upcoming Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz Movie

Today, and Tom Cruise announced today that the Black Eyed Peas have written a special song titled "Someday" for the upcoming movie "Knight and Day" starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

"It's just a perfect match, the perfect film for it," Cruise told George Stephanopoulos live from London this morning on ABC's "Good Morning America". "The music is incredible. ... You feel incredible at the end." and Cruise both expressed being fans of each other!

Cruise explained that the collaboration came about after seeing BEP perform at the Super Bowl - he invited to see parts of the film in the editing room. shared that he was thrilled and flattered to take a look at the film "Knight and Day" - to contribute and collaborate on it.

"We showed him some scenes, and he just started writing the song right there in the room," Cruise said.

Cruise said that he got the idea for the collaboration while watching the Peas perform at the Super Bowl, and invited into the studio to see parts of the film.

The Peas debuted the song "Someday" during the Black Eyed Peas after party last night in London for their fans. stated that the fans responded to the song immediately.

"He just hooked right into the theme of 'Someday,'" Cruise said. "Everybody's got something they're going to do someday."

See a special video at Dipdive of the song debut from the BEP London After-Party where Cruise was in attendance:

Member comments

05/28/10 @306
05/28/10 @306
=) goosh <3<3
05/28/10 @306
05/28/10 @312
Amei, vocs esto de parabns Black Eyed Peas.
05/28/10 @332
Ahhhhhhhh so cool

we impatient for new album;)(
05/29/10 @468
05/29/10 @504
05/29/10 @508
E P I C !
05/29/10 @545
i like it!!!
cant wait for the studio version!!!!!!!!!!
05/29/10 @621
awesome! love it
05/29/10 @645
Yey a new song
05/29/10 @662
This is so cool!! And aww tab & Fergie dancing together <33 :)
Love it!
05/29/10 @719
yay! that's so cool!!!

05/29/10 @822
Where and when do we get to hear it?
05/29/10 @877
Yay! That's so cool!
05/29/10 @331
05/30/10 @797
05/30/10 @982
05/31/10 @773
cool :)
05/31/10 @795
06/01/10 @453
I am a big fan of the Black Eyed Peas, but not of Tom Cruise. For the movie Knight and Day, several bulls have been heavily maltreated for bull running scenes in Spain. It is ridiculous that this man can get away with abusing animals for this movie. I surely hope that the BEP will not participate in this movie, and especially not include the bull running scenes, so people will not get interested in the horrible bull runs in Spain. These bull runs are cruel, but the bulls are also tortured and killed in a bullfight afterwards. BEP, please be aware of this. Thank you.
06/01/10 @931
Perfect match for an action movie.
06/01/10 @939
amzing!!!!!!!!! will it be on a new album? anything you guys do is awesome!!!!!!!
06/02/10 @748

(wtf spam..)
06/04/10 @904
06/05/10 @632
were can u get black eyed peas videos u can download
06/07/10 @023
I'm Italian but I can say that the black eyed peas are the best
06/07/10 @031
06/07/10 @086
06/07/10 @088
Isn't this old news...?
06/07/10 @256
genial esta rola esta muy bien
06/08/10 @501
06/08/10 @888
06/09/10 @943
Can't wait to see the movie! The song is Awesome!!! Lol. BEP!!!
06/12/10 @000
it's a beautiful song!!
06/26/10 @169
I'm going to see the movie today!!!!! cant wait to hear the song Someday!!! i love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/27/10 @302
Did Bep win??
07/05/10 @024
Very cool! :)
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02/08/11 @550
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I guess...

thank you peas! :)

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