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02/08/10 @180





Riddim Ribbon Game featuring The Black Eyed Peas

R U ready to roll to the rhythm of The Black Eyed Peas? In RIDDIM RIBBON, the new game from the masterminds behind the #1 most downloaded iTunes app TAP TAP REVENGE, you control a spinning wheel as it races to the beat down a twisting, turning ribbon in the sky. As you tilt and shake, the path you choose determines how you remix some of  BEP's biggest hits, including Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, and Meet Me Halfway. RIDDIM RIBBON -  Ride The Rhythm!
Download and play BEP's Riddim Ribbon today! Plus for a limited time, get a free download of the previously unreleased song Meet Me Halfway (Jeepney Halfway Remix) on iTunes.
Says, "I am so excited about this game...  it makes you re-think the concept of playing a song...  It makes you re-think the remix...
(In this game, the original master and its remixes are played) 'not played played' but actually 'played'...(The future)"
Test your skills in the Riddim Ribbon launch contest! Every day for 30 days, one Riddim Ribbon player wins the entire Black Eyed Peas catalog, which includes Behind the Front, Bridging the Gap, Elephunk, Monkey Business, and The E.N.D.! Then, one grand prize winner gets a pair of Beats By Dre Headphones! But wait, how do you win? Get Riddim Ribbon. The player that posts the highest score (on any set) is the winner for that day. For more details, check out the Tapulous blog.

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Member comments

02/08/10 @194
02/08/10 @212
02/08/10 @219
awesome :)
02/08/10 @273
:o cool
02/09/10 @333
I dont have iphone/itouch :(

but its AWESOME
02/09/10 @335
that's cool
02/09/10 @523
02/09/10 @561
02/09/10 @597
i have this game since yesterday midnight!
i know this game since september and it should arrive in october.... but now it came out in feb xD
im playing this all the time!
i also mentioned it in this "saywhat" thing...
02/09/10 @630
My brother has an iPhone yay
it seems great!
02/09/10 @642

I'm from Italy...if I find the gift card I bought last summer in NY i will buy it from the usa store and i'll get the mp3...or then...I'LL BUY IT FROM THE ITALIAN STORE xD
02/09/10 @646
02/09/10 @695
i don't have a iTouch or iPhone :(
02/09/10 @872
^^ yeah but ya gotta get uused 2 it a lil bit...its alot easier 2 control if u hold the bottom corners and turnt like tht...i dunno i got 700,000 somethin points!
02/09/10 @892
haha that's so cool!

02/09/10 @923
02/09/10 @014
It seems awesome!

...But I don't have any iPod Touch or whatever... :(
02/09/10 @090


02/10/10 @669
Why do you only get the free Remix of MMH when you download it from the US Store?!
02/10/10 @875
don't have an iphone :(
02/10/10 @955
bought it!
02/12/10 @882
02/13/10 @305
machin que xido
02/14/10 @655
sure im buy on itunes france

im126 softs app inside my iphone:);)
+alot movies bep+5O ololol
see links my page :);)
02/25/10 @178
Removed by admin
11/08/10 @779
have a great week friends and a great weekend too... Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/07/12 @550
03/12/12 @155
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09/23/12 @316
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09/23/12 @316
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09/23/12 @316
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12/08/12 @504
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05/27/13 @678

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