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The Beginning

The Beginning is an evolution of that sound, this time harnessing a more seductive electro vibe in addition to big house grooves. The song, " The Time (Dirty Bit) ," is the first single from The Beginning , and it features an interpolation of the theme song from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing . It went straight to #1 on iTunes in...

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The E.N.D

"The E.N.D.," the group's fifth studio album and the third since the singer Stacy Ferguson (better known as Fergie) joined and took it from the earnest hip-hop underground to the glamorous, necessarily compromised pop mainstream, is more accomplished and more confounding than any of the foursome's previous efforts. It's likely to...

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mediumthumb - Songs About Girls

After conquering the pop charts with the Black Eyed Peas and crafting hits for Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Ciara, and NAS, saved some of his platinum touch for his third solo work, Songs About Girls . Will is in storytelling modewith a not-so-typical boy-meets-girl/boy-loses-girl semi-autobiographical narrative, soaking in...

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Bucky Jonson - The Band Behind The Front

Live organ funk and chunky hip hop grooves from Bucky Jonson -- a 4 piece crew who have a steady day job as the instrumental backbone of the Black Eyed Peas -- and if this debut for BBE is any indication, they'll do just as well repping folks with an ear for underground hip hop & funk! BJ split the difference between blacksploition inspired...

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Lost Change

BBE have chosen this year, not one that will be remembered for its hip-hop classics, to launch their would-be-definitive Beatmasters series. BBE collections carry a good deal of critical weight behind them and the label had hoped to make the same mark in this area that they have done with their rare groove, dance and jazz releases. Reaction has...

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Airpushers - Themes for the Ordinarily Strange

You need Airpushers. From the name alone you know this group is pushing something so elemental, you can't live without it. What they're pushing is their essential debut 'Themes for the Ordinarily Strange,' a landmark album that invites every genre to the party: hip-hop, jazz, swing, reggae and funk. 'Themes for the Ordinarily Strange' is a...

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Fergie - The Dutchess

Going solo paid off for both Gwen and Beyonc้, and now Black Eyed Peas leading lady Fergie aims to prove that she's pop royalty with her debut, 'The Dutchess.' (Get it? Like Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, the Duchess of York?) The album, due Sept. 19, will be the first release on fellow Pea's A&M records imprint, Will I Am...

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Monkey Business

Grammy Award winners The Black Eyed Peas return with the release of their eagerly anticipated fourth album, 'Monkey Business' on 6th June through A&M Records. 'Monkey Business' is a madcap musical journey, mixing fat basslines with Latin rhythms, witty rhymes and hip-hop beats. It is the follow-up album to the 4 x platinum selling...

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When I first heard "Where is the Love" last summer, I couldn't stand it. I dismissed the Black Eyed Peas as one hit wonders and waited for their moment to pass. Then I heard "Shut Up" and was surprised I liked it. It wasn't until I heard "Hey Mama" that I fell in love with them. This CD is by far the best hip hop...

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Bridging the Gap

Once upon a time, hip-hop was about having a good time and (brace yourselves) getting down! The Black Eyed Peas are bringing that mentality back to the future. They reinvigorated blas้ dance floors and seduced discriminating heads with their debut, Behind the Front, and they do it again on Bridging the Gap. In the open-minded old-school...

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Behind the Front

The Black Eyed Peas' debut, Behind the Front, may sound thoroughly familiar: like A Tribe Called Quest, they sprout positive, deftly delivered lyrics out of their light jazz, R&B, and funk tracks; like the Roots, this multi-ethnic outfit's three MCs drop science in front of a live band that builds its grooves organically; and at their...

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THE TIME (the dirty bit)


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