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Tuesday, 6 June
@611 Szafira-12: I hope admins (?) would take care of this page as BEP7 show up.
@754 Vacy: hi everybody
Thursday, 8 June
@730 BEPkaty: what's up??
@749 LisanLovesTaboo: What's up everybody?! :)
@970 natalia-fergie: Heeeeey
@247 xthrillxhox: Hey
Friday, 9 June
@809 ilivfwat: Omg didn't expect the site to be back!
Monday, 12 June
@776 dviri: BEP.con is on again!! :)
Monday, 19 June
@780 natalia-fergie: Hello Lovers
Wednesday, 21 June
@915 jackpeasfan01: hi guys! NEED some new peas haha am i right
Saturday, 24 June
@003 cavit: link
@003 cavit: link
@003 cavit: add me my facebook / AM / i / UMG
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