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Thursday June 29, 2017

Black Eyed Peas Credits

These are the people that made
Please do not contact them for site support issues
please contact the
BEP online team for all support issues

Brothers in art - The Netherlands
Online Communities and Social Networks
Tel. +31 35 6220093 Fax. +31 35 6210996
email. web.

Executive Producer for BIA
Arno Drost

Art Director for BIA
Martin Kool

Technical Director for BIA
Marvin Ronk

Lead Programmer for BIA
Martijn van Zal

Contributing BIA Team members
Marc Kollmann
Robert van Geerenstein
Hendrik Breitschopf
Ivar van den Burg
Oscar Lodriguez
Cynthia Jordan
Meinte van 't Kruis
Roy Niels

Producer for damnBAND
Ivan Arnold

Visual design by Digitalmode
Tishaun Dawson


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