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Using UBB code in your posts

UBB code is like a lite version of HTML. It allows you to make text bold or italic, insert links, images etc. Here's how you use the code, the UBB code is marked bold (examples excluded).

bold text[/b]
Everything that you put in between the [b] [/b] tags will become bold
Example: bold text

italic text[/i]
Everything that you put in between the [i] [/i] tags will become italic
Example: italic text

underlined text[/u]
Everything that you put in between the [u] [/u] tags will become underlined
Example: underlined text

Strikes through your text
Example: strikethrough

Small text lined out at the bottom
Example: subtext

Small text lined out at the top
Example: supertext

indents your text[/indent]
Everything between these tags will move away from the left margin a bit

indented text

[url=http://www.]my site[/url]
You can also put links under text like this. Don't forget the http://
NOTE: by default email addresses and urls become clickable so using [url] by itself does not work and is useless.

Inserts an image. Make sure that the http:// is included and that the path is correct.

You can define height (first number) and width (second number) to make an image fit the page. Using exactly the 50% or 200% of the original width and height will make the image look best.

Clickable image by combining the img and url tags

Clickable membername with icon

If you have trouble applying the code carefully check if there aren't any spaces in or around the tags and if every tag is also closed by the [/blah] variant. Keep in mind that the [url] tag only works when using the [url=blah] type. / AM / i / UMG
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