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How to use the forum

Creating a forum topic is not that hard, but here is a quick guide anyway:
- Select a forum by clicking the forum title
- Click the button (at the top of the forum index page)
- Enter a title (= topic) and type whatever you were going to share in the content field
- Hit Submit to post the topic

Editing a topic or post afterwards works just about the same:
- When necessary, edit the post afterwards using the edit post option above the post
- You can only edit your own posts

You can of course also post a reply on a topic:
- Post a reply on other peopleís topics using the button at the bottom of the topic page
That's pretty much it, it's the features however that make it interesting. Let's go through them:

UBB code
To give some control over how your post looks and to be able to insert images and links we've added UBB code support. UBB is pretty much a lite version of html. Click here for the available tags and how to use them.

Graphic Avatar
The fancy word for the image next to your name in the forum. To upload an avatar go to my settings. Scroll down to the upload avatar window. Open it and upload your GIF or Jpeg there. (60x60 px, max 10 kb)

That should be all you need to know about using the forum. But before you jump in there, read through the forum rules / AM / i / UMG
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