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Complete Guides

Adding an entry to the member gallery

The gallery entry page may look a bit impressive at first, but we've done everything to guide you through the process. If things are still unclear, this FAQ should be of help.

First of all, head to the my gallery page. The link is up there at the top of the page. From there you can start a new gallery entry by entering the title in the appropriate field. Then select the category (don't worry, you can change that afterwards) and hit Create.

The entry has been created, but now the hard part starts, we'll take you through the steps:

Step 1: Describe the entry

  1. Category
    You already entered this, but make sure you got the right one
  2. Title
    You also already entered this, make sure it fits the stuff you're about to upload
  3. Description
    Describe your entry in short, or in full. Use the description to convince people to come and have a look at your entry when they're browsing the lists.
  4. Explicit content
    Note this is not an excuse to submit content that violates the rules. It is however smart to enable the filter if your entry balances on the edge. Very responsible of you, thanks.
  5. Keywords
    While gallery entries can't be search as of yet, filling this in will help your entry getting found when searching is enabled.
We're done with this part, hit Save and Continue to go to the next step.

Step 2: Upload image

  1. Select image
    That's all, select the image by clicking browse and locating the file on your drive. Depending on the category you are submitting to, the accepted formats will vary. JPG files will automatically be resized and all necessary image variants will be created. Note check the dimensions and size of the image you're uploading! Uploading a very, very big image will take a long time to upload and process and may even fail if the image is too big.

    Once the image is uploaded, you will see the previews. The full sized image will look distorted since we force-resize it to fit the area.
Further steps
Based on the category you chose you will have to add additional text or files.

  • Category: Downloads
    These will require you to upload another file, the download itself. Several file formats are allowed.
  • Category: Multimedia
    Depending on the subcategory, it is required to upload an audio, Flash or video file. While audio and video files will be presented as download links, Flash files will be displayed in the page.
  • Category: Words
    A big pane is displayed in which you can type or paste your text. The text will be presented in a similar fashion on the entry page.
Links (optional)
The very last step is 'add links'. Since this is an optional step, the window is always closed so you'll have to click show/hide this step to open it. 'Add links' allows you to... add link. You can add as many as you like but make sure they are somehow related to the entry. If you're adding a link to a file, enter the dimensions (if any) and the size in kb.

All done, time to publish
All this time the entry has existed, but hasn't been available in the live site. To make it available, click the Publish this entry button. Once that is done your artwork is there, although it may take some time for the overview to update.

If you're not finishing the entry you can press Delete this entry to remove the whole entry for ever and ever. Note you can only delete entries that aren't published. So if it is, click Unpublish this entry after which the delete button will appear.

Modifying your entry
While the finished steps close conveniently while you progress. You can always go back, open them and change the data. To change an image or file, simply upload a new one. If you change the category afterwards, new required steps may appear which you will have to fill out. / AM / i / UMG
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