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Sunday August 28, 2016

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Someone on is bugging/harrassing/threatening me - what can I do about it?

The best thing to do if and when you encounter such a situation is simply ignore them... 99.9% of the time they will soon leave you alone. Remember, you can always add the person to your "baddy list", delete any Comments they leave on your Profile page, and you can even delete any messages they send you via PM without opening them. By NOT responding to offending user (i.e., NOT giving them any attention, NOT letting them get a "rise" out of you), most people will simply go away.
You may also view their profile and click "Add "membername" to my baddylist", which will prevent them from contacting you. Annoying people get bored very fast when you don't allow them to annoy you. If someone threatens you, contact law enforcement immediately. / AM / i / UMG
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