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Using Smileys, how and where?

At you can use smileys at most places where you can write something. The only place where you can not use smileys is in the SayWhat?! and the chat. Below you will find the codes and the smileys they will create.

:) :)
|( |(
8) 8)
:r :r
;) ;)
:| :|
|o |O
:O :O
:D :D
~:0 ~:0
(ragingani) (ragingani)
(thumbup) (thumbup)
8o 8o
:( :(
(thumbdown) (thumbdown)
:/ :\
(huh) (huh)
:p :P

:? :S
(paint) (paint)
8) +O / AM / i / UMG
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