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Votes and Critiques

Voting rules

The vote system is probably one of the most important features in the BEP Community galleries. While it allows you to rate someone’s photos/artwork, the votes also push the image into the top 10 (thus giving more exposure to the image and the member!).

Thanks to the vote system the highest rated works in the member gallery can easily be accessed since they appear in the top 10 and on the highest rated images page. There is also the “new images” section that displays the newest stuff that you haven’t yet voted for. If you are really hardcore, tap into this section once or twice a day and go through all the new submissions.

While everybody has a different view of what they like and don’t like, we'd like to ask you to think about your vote before you cast it. It is also appreciated to leave a comment. Try to be positive! Here are a few important features of the vote system:

  • You can only vote on images when you're logged in.
  • You can not vote for your own stuff.
  • You can vote for an image only once. When you vote again the status window will appear at the top of the page showing when and what you voted.
  • When you vote, your username is attached to it so that everyone can know what you are into.
Then there is abuse. Even though we try, the voting system will never be fully safe from abuse. We monitor the voting to filter out accounts with strange voting behavior. We've banned groups of people who vote 100% on on all artworks of one user alone and vote 0% on the other works. This will get you a beat down. No, not really, but we’ll find out and then we’ll have a little chat with you.

Since we can never prevent all abuse, help us out by reporting strange activities. Send us a report and we'll recheck the votes and intervene if necessary. / AM / i / UMG
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