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Report bad, broken or buggy items/pages

The BEP Community has a report system that allows you as a member to report any item or page in the site. This enables us to track things like bugs, errors, mistakes and rip-off's a lot faster.

How it works
You walk into something that needs to be reported. Scroll down and click the Report a bug link. This link takes you to the report page. At the top is a list of known bugs, scan through it to check whether we are already aware of the bug. If not, scroll down.

Please fill in the whole report. The url is the url of the page where you first clicked the report link, so that should be correct. Select a reason and enter a short description. This helps us to assign the right person to the job. The comments are important. Explain to us what's wrong, where it's wrong and if possible how we can make it better.

The reports are not only for bugs and errors. If you come across entries that violate our rules, do report them. If you find a section that can be improved, tell us. If we made a typo, point it out. All these things will improve the quality of the BEP Community. Reports will of course be handled discretely. / AM / i / UMG
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