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Rules and etiquette (required reading)

Voting & Comments etiquette

The most important thing to remember is to stay positive and respect others. Failing to do so will have concequences.

Spefically avoid:

  • Disruptive, offensive and abusive behavior, it is not tolerated and the containing material will be removed. Repeatedly breaking this rule will cause your account to be restricted or suspended.
  • Racistic and discriminating remarks, are unwelcome as well as offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference. Discussions regarding these topics may be closed when they are inappropriate.
Offending comments will be removed and based on their content your account may be restricted or suspended.

Don't take matters in your own hands:
  • When you encounter an entry that breaks the rules, contact a moderator and include the URL/Link of the entry and the username of the member who submitted the entry
  • Do not attact the member in question as you will likely break the rules above and you will be in as much trouble as the troublemaker him-/herself. / AM / i / UMG
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