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Rules and etiquette (required reading)

Entry guidelines

Certain rules apply to the images and texts that are submitted to the BEP Community site. The moderators will selectively browse the submitted items and unpublish entries that fall in any of the groups described below. Most important is that you understand not everything is suitable for the BEP Community, and while it may be just fine in your eyes, this may not be the place to show it off.

Things you can not submit:

  • Material unsuitable for all ages such as pornographic, extremely violent and provoking material in text or image format is unacceptable.
  • Incriminating material showing or suggesting involvement in a crime.
  • Material violating the privacy of others such as personal material not intended to be published online, personal data of people such as names in conjunction with telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Material protected by copyright, unless permission is granted by the copyright holder.
  • Compromising material and false allegations influencing the credibility and reputation of a person or persons.

Doing so will cause your account to be restricted or suspended and can include an IP ban.

Entries that prove to be offensive to the public such as racist and discriminating expressions or offensive material based on gender or sexual preference are unwelcome.
Moderators reserve the right to remove such entries. Repeatedly or consistantly submitting such material may result in the restriction or suspention of the account of the submitter. / AM / i / UMG
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