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To be able to use all the tools we provide and to get access to all sections of the site you need to register. Once you register with the Black Eyed Peas Community you get:

- Your own personal Black Eyed Peas webspace : yourname/username/
- To add your own personal items & images to your Black Eyed Peas webspace
- News and tour date information before anyone else
- Special contests and access to promotions
- Access to all sections, including the forums
- An interactive community of Black Eyed Peas fans from all over the world
- Send messages to other members receive messages in your own BEP mailbox!
- Chats & special items DIRECT from the band
- Your profile on
- And a lot more!

The details you provide during the registration are safe with us. We do anything to prevent the abuse of your details. Email addresses displayed on the site are spam-protected and you can always decide to hide your email address and birthdate from the public.

We appreciate it if you would not use fake details in the registration form. The email address has to be accessible to you since a confirmation email is send to this address and you are paying for the opportunity. / AM / i / UMG
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