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I just registered... now what?

First, Welcome to the Black Eyed Peas Community!!

The best place to start after registering is in your profile settings. Click my settings to the right of your username, at the top of the page. Here you can set your personal preferences upload profile photos, change your password and a lot more. Once you've set up all that, you're pretty much done.

Your subdomain
If you click your member name at the top of the page you end up on your very own subdomain. You can add images to spice up your site and edit your profile message. Your subdomain also displays your gallery entries and journal updates.

Your Journal
To add entries to your journal go to your subdomain and click the my journal button sitting on the navigation bar in the page. You'll find your current entries there and at the bottom you can start a new entry.

Adding entries to the gallery
Artwork, images and photos can be added to the member gallery. You can manage your entries by clicking my gallery at the top of the page. For more info on adding artwork, read the related FAQ.

At many places within the site you can leave comments. Scroll down to form and fire away. Stay on topic of the item your commenting on hough, there's always the forum if you want to start your own topic.

The Forum
On the front page you'll find the latest active forum topics. Enter the forum to reply on existing topics or start your own. You can use UBB code to spice up your post, this works for comments as well.

So, that should get you on your way. You'll find there's a lot more to this site than what we just introduced to you. Take your time to explore the site.

We'll sum it up with a few rules. Be nice to the other members, don't be afraid to give someone constructive criticism, but no flaming! Do not abuse the tools you have here. Please no spamming and such. If you can't behave, we'll smack you up, itís as simple as that. Now go and have fun in exploring the talented people in this Black Eyed Peas Community! / AM / i / UMG
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